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Contact David Isaacson if His Poobs fails to respond.

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The world is laden with secret societies: The Illuminati, The Knights Templar, The Scion of Priory, The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Fruit Flies, Ordo Templis Orientis,  The Fans of Stephen Colbert, and many others.  Among the most significant of this sort has been  the Black Pen Society.  For a long time well known only to those who know, today it becomes known to more than a mere few.  Now, as the Black Pen Society moves from the darkness of myth into the light of day, the Secret Board of Collectors of Black Pens has chosen to affiliate with the Fountain Pen Journal.

The Black Pen Society-- counting amongst its membership Pendom's leading lights-- dedicates itself to acknowledging the merit of fountain pens done in basic black and  to increasing both awareness and collecting of this understated critter in a world that more and more worships garish color. Subtlety has charm.

Officials of the Black Pen Society

Grand Poobah: Paul Erano
Duke of Manhattan: David Isaacson
Duke of Janeseville: David Isaacson
Duke of Mexico: Ariel Zunigas

Once, when the BPS was in deep cover, to blab carried severe consequences. Now, in the new era,  mere mortals may participate.  Many have asked The Grand Poobah and various Archdukes how to join. Back in the day it wasn't easy.  Generally, supplicants have met with Leadership at major pen shows,  particularly the Washington DC Supershow, host to the Annual BPS Super Meeting. There they  offered sworn testimony regarding their dedication to the cause. Now, decades later, the process can be done by email. New ideas for new generations.

Membership Requirements: To join the BPS, you can contact Grand Poobah, or non-recording administrator David Isaacson to proclaim respect, interest and awe for black fountain pens. Beyond manifesting respect, interest and awe for black pens, you must be willing to be consecrated to spreading the word-- in secret of course-- about black pens. You must be willing and able to attract new members; when you are granted membership and have purchased your Pin of Membership, you will be given an extra pen to give to the new member you find.