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Paul Erano, Editor/CEO/COO/Advertising Maven:

"Fountain Pen Journal picks up where Erano's Quarterly Pen Review left off, moving from newsletter to magazine format, continuing to present an appealing mix of academic analysis of old pens, interviews with pen collectors, slice-of-life elements of collecting, price guides, pen show reviews, and more"
Issue 2.2  (Summer 2016) arriving in  mailboxes in June

  • Interview with Pen Artisan Rich Littlestone
  • Parker's "Toothbrush" Duofold.  David Isaacson
  • Parker's Rainbow Cap 61. Paul Erano
  • Inks, Leads and Papers.  Nicholas Ayo
  • Pen Police on Patrol
  • The Black Pen Society Update.
  • ... and more...

Issue 2.1 (Winter/Spring  2016)

  • Interview with Ryan Krusac
  • Pen Polishing Dos and Don'ts
  • Paul's Top Pics. Paul Erano
  • Parker's Quink  Paul Erano
  • Essay: Italic vs Stub Nib Nicholas Ayo
  • ... and more...

Issue 1.3  (Summer 2015) arriving in  mailboxes in July
First Year subscription ends with this issue. Time to renew.

  • Interview with artist Marta Torres-Quinones
  • Attracting Millenials to the hobby.  Erin Escobar
  • A.T. Cross & the Century ballpoint pen. Paul Erano
  • Good Service (Parker) Golden Jubilee fountain pen. David Isaacson
  • Essay: The Medium is the message. Nicholas Ayo
  • ... and more...
First Year subscription ends with this issue. Time to renew.

Issue 1.2 (Winter/Spring 2015) arrived in  mailboxes in February

  • Cracking the Chilton Code. Rick Krantz.
  • Jungblut Pen Company. Peter Sacopulos
  • Sheaffer's Original Crest. David Isaacson.
  • V Mail. John Danza
  • Columns by Erano and by Ayo.
  • More on the Black Pen Society
  • ... and more...

Issue 1.1 (Summer/Fall 2014) arrived in  mailboxes in early October

  • Introduction to Wahl-Eversharp's Equi-Poised.
  • Peter Miller remembered
  • The Black Pen Society
  • The Pens of Paul Duclos
  • ... and more...

Upon hearing of the founding of Fountain Pen Journal,  many regular contributors of articles to pen magazines and online message boards  stepped up to the plate, expressing interest in writing for FPJ, including at least the following (please contact FPJ if you would like to be added to the list):

  • Paul Erano
  • David Isaacson
  • Nicholas Ayo
  • Rick Krantz
  • John Danza
  • Pete Sacopulos
  • Roger Wooten
  • Michael McNeil

Fountain Pen Journal has procured the graphic design services of Francine Conn, who the prior twelve years did the layout for the PCA's pen magazine. We welcome Fran.